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:: Monday, February 17, 2003 ::

Winters at the Vet

I've had to take my cat, Bean, to the veterinarian an awful lot lately. The first time I took him was for having worms. He got a supplement and I found that he was quickly becoming overweight. So it was time to regulate the food and keep him on a strict schedule.

A couple weeks later, he still has worms, so I take him back to get a shot. While there they give him some vaccinations, and I found out he gained weight up to 15 lbs! Oh brother.

After a couple days I noticed that Bean started to have swelling on his stomach where he got his shot. He was also really sore. So it was back to the vet. Luckily they didn't charge me anything and gave him some anti-allergy medicine which quickly made him feel better.

After about 2 weeks, a bump is still there, but not as big. It doesn't hurt Bean, but I took him back to the vet today just in case. They told me that it will go down gradually, and just make sure that it doesn't get any bigger. I also asked them to weigh him and he was down to 13.8 lbs. The diet is working! They didn't charge me for that visit either.

The diet consists of feeding the cats less food, but more often. We tried feeding Bean once in the morning and once in the evening, but that didn't seem to work since he quickly exploded to 15 lbs. So feeding less food in a day spread out over 3 times in a day seems to be working well. Bean doesn't complain as much and he seems to be slimming down gradually.

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